Do you have problems with the abandoned cart?

abandoned cart

Do you have problems with the abandoned cart?

The biggest challenge in own E-commerce shop is how to avoid abandoned cart as much as possible. What are the reasons potential customers leave the cart or checkout page and never return? How to avoid them?

First of all, we need to accept abandoned carts as a natural way of process and just avoid mistakes which can lead to bigger than average percent leaving customers. By statistics, every year is a bit better and abandoned cart percent is getting lower. The average cart abandonment rate across all industries is 69.57 percent. On mobile, we can expect an even higher 85.65 percent. Smaller is the screen of the device, higher abandonment rate we can expect.

How to optimize mobile view

  • Make mobile experience faster.
  • Be sure that your site is mobile ready and everything is readable.
  • Show only important information.
  • Maker checkout not complicated with only important fields.

If you need any help with development,  you can drop us an email and we will prepare right strategy for improvements.

Main Reasons Why Shoppers Abandon

E-commerce brands are losing billions in sales revenue each year because of shoppers abandon. Because of this, we need to make it a top priority.

abandoned cart reasons

1) Extra Costs Too High (shipping, tax, fees)

Extra costs are the number one reason for an abandoned carts. The most important thing is transparency. That means shoppers need to see all extra costs before checkout, so there won’t be any surprises. Stats are also showing that you should consider offering free or not expensive shipping. Over 70% of people will rather shop if there are no extra costs with shipping.

2) Account creation

Creating a new account is a problem for customers because they are feeling to lose their time with the redundant process all over again. If you don’t have option for guest checkout then you are losing 31 % of customers.

3) Too Long or Too Complicated Checkout Process

A lot of e-commerce has too long a checkout process. That means they have a lot of fields that users need to fill and are not important for an order. Especially if you are selling downloadable products then you don’t need a lot of personal user data like shipping information multiple addresses, telephone numbers, etc.

We are writing this from personal experiences. In the beginning, we had a native Woocommerce checkout, where users needed to fill a lot of data. After checking the percent of not finishing orders and few complaints from potential customers, we decided to change the checkout process. We made it very simple and now users just need to enter email, name, and surname. Abandoned rate percent on our checkout lowered and we stopped to receive complaints about too complicated checkout.

4) Other Reasons

  • Shoppers are not trusting your site. Here we are suggesting to have https certificate and also reliable content, which won’t look like spam. Too many pop-ups can’t turn down customers also.
  • Shoppers couldn’t see or calculate total order cost upfront. As we already explained, all prices should be transparent and every additional (unexpected) cost will lead to abandoned cart.
  • Errors on site. It is important to not have any errors or notices on your website and also that your website is not crashing.
  • Too long waiting time. If shoppers will need to wait over 3 seconds, they will leave the page and your abandoned rate will be very high. We suggest you optimize your website for speed.

Optimizing your site and whole checkout process is very important. If you have problems with it or you don’t know how to start it, you can contact us and first, we will analyze your site where could be problems and after we will suggest and also make the better process.

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