Start a project

1. Analysis and Project Strategy

First, we get to know you and your business, to prepare a strategy for your online presence. We analyze your business, potential customers and competitors.

Afterwards, we define the main goals and functions of the new website. We also make research on your potential customers and business area.

We present our researches and in cooperation with you taking into account your vision and long-term needs and wants, we prepare final project strategy.

2. User Experience

UT web design is a strategic approach that meets the exact needs of the customer, without fuss or bother.

In the process of design, we define the color scheme and fundamental elements on the future website. We are starting with the mobile first approach and make it for all devices (mobile, tablet, desktop).

We create an advanced user experience adopted on your target user and increase the possibility of generating better conversion.

3. Development and Implementation

In the development process, we are implementing code based on project strategy and user experience using a wordpress hosting managed.

Besides this, we are inserting example content and prepare documentation/course for you, if it is needed.

Before implementation, we make technical SEO
and site speed optimization. Once everything is ready and confirmed from your side, we start with the site implementation on your (live) server and enable SSL certificate*.

*if your hosting provider supports it

4. Ongoing Support

Documentation and/or course how to use the new website, plugin or custom code are included. We provide a 6-month guarantee on all bugs caused by our code.

After the guarantee period, we are offering a maintenance contract with different options. It is very important to have all code, extensions, and CMS up to date due to security reasons and possibly new features.

We are also offering customizations, implementing new features for already finished projects.


Customer oriented

We are placing customer satisfaction to the first place. Our team is focused on helping customers to meet long term needs and wants.

Guarantee on bugs

All our products have a 6-months guarantee on all bugs caused by our code. In this period we will fix bugs for free.

Qualified developers

Our team of developers is in this business for 10+ years. With knowledge and experiences, we can solve any issue and make your wishes true.

Dedicated support

Consult our specialists for help with an order, customization, or design advice. Our team will help you with any type of questions.