Tipster script for WordPress


Tipster script for WordPress

From 79.00  / year

  • easy installation
  • all what you need for start tipster site
  • 4 different styles (can add unlimited styles)
  • Multi-language ready
  • well documented
  • suited for tipsters competition
  • for Wordpress version 3.7, 3.8, 3.9, 4.x, 5.x (including latest 5.3.x)
  • every tipster can download own stats into excel (xlsx) with all picks
  • mobile friendly
  • developed on twitter bootstrap
  • compatible with Visual Composer


NEW In version 1.3.0 we make Tipster Script plugin even faster (sql queries optimization). We added new layout options for active and lastest picks and also new layout option for a single tipster page. We also redesign the configuration page in wp-admin.

In version 1.2.0 we developed tipster script on twitter bootstrap. It is easier to add new style and also it is mobile friendly.

Tipster script for WordPress is an amazing plugin for all who wants to start own tipster business. With this plugin, you can easily control previews, results, users, and tipsters.

You can select between 4 different styles or you can create new with some knowledge of CSS. Tipster script is also multi-language ready. You can translate it with translations plugins like WPML or Loco translation (it is free).

Tipster script is also suited for tipster competitions. Admin can now select day/month picks limit and maximum stake per day/month.

You can add active picks, latest picks and tipster on every page you want, it is doing with shortcodes. You can also use the next 3 widgets on your site: active picks, site stats, and tipsters stats.

We added filter option for active picks, latest picks, and tipster. There is also a new modern option for single tipster, single pick and tipsters page.

Demo 1 Url: Demo 1
Demo 2 Url: Demo 2
Username: test
Password: test

/*** 1.3.8 ***/

– added charts to single tipster modern template
– added profile shortcode (tipsters can add result from frontend)
– mobile view improvements
– style fixes
– other fixes

C Please change whole plugin

/*** 1.3.7 ***/

– added this month option in tipster stats widget
– fixed creating db table picks error
– fixed multiple same shortcodes on the same page

M tipster-script.php
M widgets/Tipsterstats.php
M classes/Data.php
M shortcodes/active_picks/shortcode.php
M shortcodes/latest_picks/shortcode.php
M shortcodes/pick/shortcode.php
M shortcodes/tipster/shortcode.php
M shortcodes/tipsters/shortcode.php

/*** 1.3.6 ***/
– added template engine
– added leagues option
– added teams option
– added Elementor support
– fixed excel issue (upgrade to phpspreadsheet)

C Please change the whole plugin

/*** 1.3.5 ***/
– added new layout (modern) single pick
– added new layout (modern) single tipster
– added new layout (modern) tipsters
– added filter option for active picks, latest picks, tipsters
– other small fixes

C Please change the whole plugin

/*** 1.3.0 ***/

  • added new layout options for active and latest picks
  • added new layout option for single tipster page
  • wp admin configurations redesign
  • sql queries performance improvements
  • other small fixes

C Please change the whole plugin

/*** 1.2.4 ***/

  • fixed small issue for tipster permissions admin area

M tipster-script.php
M admin/picks.php
M admin/results.php

/*** 1.2.3 ***/

  • added Support for Visual composer

A vc_map.php
M shortcodes.php
M tipster-script.php
M classes/Data.php

/*** 1.2.2 ***/

  • fixed saving result by tipster active pick fixed
  • fixed homepage latest picks pagination

M admin/result.php
M shortcodes.php
M tipster-script.php

/*** 1.2.1 ***/

  • added status result option when adding result
  • added tipster permissions
  • fixed small pagination bug on latest picks
  • fixed translation (change tipster_script to tipster-script)

M admin/admin-menu.php
M admin/bookie.php
M admin/bookies.php
M admin/classes/ExcelStats.php
M admin/classes/Tipster_script.php
M admin/configurations.php
M admin/countries.php
M admin/country.php
M admin/pick.php
M admin/picks.php
M admin/result.php
M admin/results.php
M admin/sport.php
M admin/sports.php
M admin/tipster.php
M admin/tipsters.php
M admin/user.php
M admin/users.php
M classes/Data.php
M widgets/Activepicks.php
M widgets/Sitestats.php
M widgets/Tipsterstats.php
M tipster-script.php
M shortcodes.php

/*** 1.2.0 ***/

  • moved to twitter boostrap
  • fixed small bug under all tipsters shortcode (tipsters url)

M tipster-script.php
M shortcodes.php
M classes/Data.php
M admin/configurations.php
M frontend/assets/js/select_date.js
A frontend/assets/css/style.css
A frontend/assets/css/style-blue.css
M frontend/assets/css/style-turquoise.css
M frontend/assets/css/style-dark.css
M frontend/assets/css/style-white.css
M widgets/Activepicks.php
M widgets/Tipsterstats.php
M admin/classes/Options.php
D frontend/assets/css/responsive/*

/*** 1.1.2 ***/

  • added tipster_id parameter to active_picks shortcode (now you can get only single tipster active picks)
  • added tipster_id parameter to latest_picks shortcode (now you can get only single tipster latest picks)
  • fixed tipsters stats profit ordering in some cases

M tipster-script.php
M shortcodes.php
M classes/Data.php

/*** 1.1.1 version ***/

  • fixed odds issue when adding/updating pick
  • fixed yield issue for all tipster
  • fixed other small bugs

M tipster-script.php
M classes/Data.php
M admin/picks.php
M admin/pick.php
M admin/classes/Tipster_script.php

/*** 1.1.0 version ***/

  • fixed tipster stats on single pick page

M classes/Data.php
M shortcodes.php
M tipster-script.php

/*** 1.0.9 version ***/

  • fixed pick/tipster url rewrite
  • fixed comments count under pick/tipster single page
  • improved loading js/css in backend (only on tipster script pages)

M tipster-script.php

/*** 1.0.8 version ***/

  • single pick and single tipster page added as a shortcode
  • added support for a membership plugin
  • comments working on single pick

M shortcodes.php
M tipster-script.php
M classes/Data.php
M admin/credits.php
M admin/configurations.php
D frontend/pages/*

/*** 1.0.7 version ***/

  • fixed user save redirect not work
  • fixed if not seo url wrong url for tipsters
  • fixed urls inside description not work
  • fixed results pagination if logged in as a tipster
  • added tipster can only edit result once

M tipster-script.php
M admin/user.php
M classes/Data.php
M frontend/pages/pick.php
M admin/classes/Tipster_script
M admin/results.php
M admin/result.php

/*** 1.0.6 version ***/

  • added default tipster image if it is not selected

M tipster-script.php
M frontend/pages/pick.php
M frontend/pages/tipster.php

/*** 1.0.5 version ***/

  • tipster can only add image link without upload button
  • tipster admin can also be wordpress administrator, not wordpress admin anymor

/*** 1.0.4 version ***/

  • changed bookies, countries, sports order by name ASC

/*** 1.0.3 version ***/

  • fixed single pick timestamp
  • added ajax validation to edit pick

/*** 1.0.2 version ***/

  •  added ajax validation for picks
  • fixed 404 not found errors in new pick

/*** 1.0.1 version ***/

  • fixed when you delete result/sport/pick/country item is not removed from table
  • fixed adding picks as tipster
  • fixed urls in email

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  1. 5 out of 5

    tojeivan (verified owner)

    Exactly what I was after for my WordPress site.

  2. 5 out of 5


    good script, simple features but gets the job done.

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