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Welcome to Tipster Script PRO, the ultimate tool for professional sports betting. This advanced WordPress plugin not only includes the features of our standard Tipster Script plugin, but it also takes things a step further by introducing advanced capabilities designed for serious bettors.

One of the main features of Tipster Script PRO is the subscription option. With this, tipsters can sell their picks via subscriptions, granting exclusive access to their predictions only to those who have subscribed. This provides an additional revenue stream for tipsters and guarantees valuable insights for subscribers. The tipsters have full flexibility over the subscription plans – they can set multiple time periods with different prices to accommodate various user preferences.

In addition to the subscription service, the PRO version also offers a unique ‘Pay Pick by Pick’ feature, further enhancing user control over their betting strategy. With our trusted payment partner, Stripe, all transactions are secure, easy and quick.

As a PRO user, you’re also privileged to be the first to receive all our latest updates and features. We are continually improving our offerings, and as a PRO user, you’re always ahead of the curve.

Elevate your betting game and experience the power of professional betting with Tipster Script PRO. Your journey to smarter, more profitable betting starts here.

NOTE: This product includes the standard Tipster Script plugin along with the enhanced PRO features.